Instagram Marketing in 2020
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Since Instagram started back in 2010 a lot of people used to create online businesses and brands on the platform. Now it’s almost 2020 and people have been making money and marketing their products and services on Instagram for over a decade. A lot of people still want to create their own business on Instagram. The thing is not a lot of people know how or where to market their products and/or how to grow their brand. Today we will show you 15 Marketing Tips to Help You Grow Your Brand on Instagram in 2020!

The most common mistakes that almost 90% of people do is thinking they will grow overnight, there is no overnight success and when you accept that fact, you will be ahead of almost 90% of the people who think that way. Make sure you have the right mindset when going into building a business especially an online business like growing an Instagram brand and selling your products online.

In this article, we will give you 15 marketing tips to help you grow your brand on Instagram in 2020 and help you boost your content so more people can reach you and your brand.

1. Use Free Instagram Marketing Tools to Promote Yourself

On Instagram, you will see that you have a lot of FREE marketing tools such as insights/analytics, hashtags, data and much more. Use those marketing tools to your advantage and build an incredible brand on Instagram. When it comes to free promotion the one tip we can give you is upload consistently. You will find when you upload consistently that you will slowly increase your follower rate over time. Instagram in itself is a FREE tool that allows you to organically build an audience that no other social media allows you except Tik Tok which is still a new platform.

Create more and do it on a regular basis in order to get more people to your profile. Comment back to each comment and reply to all messages, this is a prerequisite for success on Instagram. Know the algorithm and know how to use it. Keep in mind that Instagram will track your behavior, they will see if you did bad or good things. Don’t spam or advertise yourself or any other products that you think are spammy and stop spamming your followers with posts and content that they won’t find valuable. This is how marketing for Instagram works in 2020.

2. Repurpose Content From Other Brands/Pages

Create content that is relevant to your niche. Your niche could be business, fitness, food, fashion, etc. Niches also go into sub-niches like for example fitness and then we have nutrition coaches, fitness coaches, yoga, weight lifting, bodybuilding, etc. You get the point of niches and why it’s important to have a niche. When you have a niche you already have a market you can advertise to and that will put you miles ahead of someone who is not yet sure about their niche. Repurposing content means taking content from other relevant pages in your niche and recreating that type of content with your own twist. Now keep in mind here it’s important to give credit where credit is due. Don’t copy and steal content from other pages because your brand will end up in the SPAM section…

3. Inbound Marketing & How To Use It

When it comes to marketing you have two types of marketing. One is inbound marketing and the other one is outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is marketing with permission (SEO, Blogging, Attraction, Content, etc). Outbound marketing is a marketing with interruption (Cold Calling, Cold Emailing, Interruptive Ads, etc). When it comes to your Instagram page you will need to focus on Inbound marketing because it’s the best way to garner an audience and to get initial trust factor from your followers.

With inbound marketing, you are basically teaching others something through your content. If you are a fitness trainer you are teaching them how to lift weights properly and/or how to eat properly. Share valuable information and teach people in your niche to become a market leader or a niche leader in that specific niche (category). This is great because once you get a trust you will be able to sell your products more effectively. You will also be able to charge more because of your perceived value.

4. Creating Instagram Story Polls

Stories are still an overrated feature of Instagram and they can be very beneficial for your business and online brand. When it comes to stories you need to keep it engaged, raw and authentic. People love faces so showing your face while creating a poll might just work perfectly. Personal brands are also the key in order to grow engaged following that will love to share your posts. Ask questions and ask other people (your followers) to ask you questions that they have.

You will be more engaged with your audience and your audience will trust you even more because you are sharing something valuable. Stories are a really important part because you can literally share your whole day to day life on stories. That’s also a big plus for you because people like to see behind the scenes and they will most likely come every day to watch your new stories.

5. Networking In Your Niche

This is something a lot of people neglect but in order to win on social, you got to be able to network with like-minded people in your niche. Go out there and start networking. Ask questions, learn and make new friends, it’s like a social circle of people in your niche. Help other people by providing them some constructive criticism or by providing them value and they will do the same and in the end that’s what matters the most. You will help them, they will help you and vice-versa and you will become friends and maybe business partners. You never know what could happen but that part of networking is a really important piece that not a lot of people are using.

6. Paid Advertising & Influencers

Even though we don’t think this is necessary to actually build a big brand if you have a big budget go for it. Let’s talk about paid advertising first. Facebook ads and Instagram ads are the best for starting out because you can create lookalike audiences from your audience and advertise to them. Basically a lookalike audience is an audience that is visiting your page and that is liking and continuously engaging with your content (a most loyal form of followers). Instagram ads are here the most effective way to garner an audience but also combined with organic reach from Instagram.

Influencers also play a big role in your growth. You can literally get a FREE shoutout from someone if you know him and if you started networking with them. That’s why in the last paragraph we said that networking is a really amazing way to grow because your network = net worth as they say. With influencers you can buy shoutouts from them and grow that way too, the most effective way to do this is to look up for influencers with the best reach, likes, and engagement. You can look that up here.

7. Giveaways For More Followers

This is a great way to boost your account from 0 to 1000 followers real quick. Participating in other giveaways with influencers can be beneficial for your growth. You may get a bunch of random people but the way to do it efficiently is like this. You create a giveaway with influencers from your niche and that way you will most likely get targeted people from your niche as your followers because they will participate in your giveaway. How to actually do this? Well, this is how. Message people (influencers) who you think are a great fit for this, if you have friends it’s better. Invite them and create a giveaway campaign. You can literally give away little things like e-books or PDFs or maybe even iPhone if you have the budget. This will spark up the interest and you will get more followers from that.

8. Automate What You Can

When it comes to automation on Instagram it’s a really hard topic to talk about. Automation is still possible in 2020 and it can be an amazing way to save yourself a bunch of time. Use apps and programs like Buffer and Later to schedule your posts and save more time whenever you want. Also, you can use tools like HopperHQ to plan content and also to see more analytics and insights. Do not automate messages and comments because Instagram will shadowban you for that and you can get into a lot of trouble with your account in the future. Start automating what you can. You can only automate scheduling and follow/unfollow but we would not suggest automating follow/unfollow as it will ruin your account in 2020. It worked before but now it’s totally different.

9. Video Content Is The King on Instagram

If your account is dead or if you want a little bit more boost with your rankings on Instagram do video content. Video content is by far the best content to create on Instagram as it will boost your following even more. IGTV, micro-videos & story videos too work the best. IGTV is also a great way because you can reach a lot of people since it’s a new part of Instagram and with normal (micro-videos) you can also reach more people as well. So whenever you can put some effort into video content and start growing more and more.

10. Questions In The Comment Section

Ask questions in the comment section. It’s easy. When someone comments on your page for example with: “Nice photo, love it!” you can go and type: “Thank you so much! What do you like about it?” and you will spark up a conversation. This is good because on Instagram when you have a lot of comments on your post, your post and content will perform better. Remember to always do this whenever someone comments because you will most likely end up on the explore page which is incredible. Creating conversations and also meaningful conversations is amazing because you will make new friends and you will also market yourself for FREE.

11. Don’t Use Private Profile, Switch to Business

When you can, just switch to a business profile so you can get free business tools such as insights and analytics like engagement, likes, comments, messages, etc. You will get far more benefits from having a business profile instead of a private one. With a business profile, you can track your followers, where they are from when you can post, the best time to post and much more. The business profile also allows you to track everything smoothly. A business profile will also give you more credibility in your niche if you have it.

You will see your visitors, how they increase or decrease and your website clicks. This is important because if you own a business, website clicks can be really crucial. Instagram could be your new way to get traffic to your website especially if your business is online and that could lead to more sales in the future. Having a website in your bio is a must and that way you can also track your data accordingly.

12. Track Your Data & Insights

As we discussed in the last part, tracking your data is so important. Whenever you come on your Instagram for the first time in a day, check your data, see if anything changed or if it’s better or worse. That will be your main indicator and reference point. With insights, you can see when your followers are most active in a day and when. You can see how many (in %) of your followers are from the USA etc. This is very important for your marketing in 2020 with Instagram because your data and insights tell a lot about your page and brand.

You can also see how many clicks you get per day on your website in your bio. It’s a powerful tool that Instagram gives you for totally FREE and your job is to use it daily to improve your growth, it’s just amazing. Just imagine what a free tool means for you and your business, you can literally track how many people go to your website, most of tools like that are paid nowadays.

13. Use Hashtags, It’s Free Marketing

Hashtags are probably one of the best forms of FREE marketing. Instagram is great because with hashtags you can reach a lot more people than just posting without them. Use your hashtags when you can and how you want it. A lot of experts say that you don’t want to use 30 hashtags but that’s not the truth.

You need to use 30 hashtags because that’s how much Instagram allows you to use, so why not use them? Right? It’s totally stupid not to use all the hashtag slots if you have them. If you had 40 hashtags you would probably use 40, but since we have 30 we can use that. Create valuable content with great captions and just insert your hashtags below. Make sure you use hashtags that are relevant to your post. For example, if you post a tree with apples, your hashtags should be #appletree, #tree #apple, etc. Make sure that your hashtags are relevant to what you’re posting. This is basically free marketing strategy for Instagram in 2020.

14. Post At Right Times & Frequently

Create a schedule and make sure you are focusing on your schedule. If you want you can also look at the insights and see when your followers are the most active during the day and post then. Use that to guide you when to post. Start posting more frequently and consistently to increase your growth and to increase your chances of getting to explore page.

We would recommend posting 3 times a day, if you can’t one time per day is just enough to grow. Consistency will beat all of your competitors if you are consistent enough. Just show up every day and you will most likely see the boost in your following. Nothing will happen overnight but it will surely happen if you stick to your schedule.

15. Clean-Up & Optimize Your Profile

In order to master Instagram marketing in 2020 you got to optimize and clean up your profile. This is the last but not least important thing. We should put that on our first few marketing tips and that is optimizing and cleaning up your profile. It’s important because if you have a profile that is not optimized you will just waste a lot of time. Start by cleaning up your bio, add what you are expert in, add a couple of emoji’s, keep it professional but also playful, and yeah also add a link to your website and add a call to action. Call to action can be something like this: “Visit Our Website For More Information!” and also you can add an emoji here as well.

Now that we have an optimized profile we also need to clean up your profile. If your name is something like: “xxmyig123” consider deleting that and creating a name without any numbers, make it clean like: “socialblade”. Add a photo to your brand, if it’s a personal brand add your personal photo that is professional, if it’s a brand, add a company or a brand logo to your Instagram. This is how to create a free marketing channel for yourself on Instagram in 2020!

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