Advice on Business and Success from most successful entrepreneurs.

Sometimes we all need advice on business and success. Entrepreneurship can be hard. Business can be hard especially when we go through obstacles every day. It’s almost like everyone wants to think that entrepreneurship is some kind of fun game that everyone plays, but in all reality, it’s not. Creating a business is monotone and sometimes even depressing place where a lot of people can’t deal with stress and pressure that entrepreneurship gives. Having a mentor and someone who can help and give you advice is vital in business and in life too.

Business is not just all about business. It’s about your relationship with clients, your mental health, it’s about your life and how you do your business. Having a mentor on your path towards success is so important. Some people neglect that, but in all reality, you need someone who already failed so many times that he knows all the lessons and that he can teach you how to overcome obstacles coming your way.

Most successful entrepreneurs know their first mistakes and their vision at the start and how they progressed through business and life. That’s why we created this article to help you with business, life, and success. We compiled advice from most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Let’s see what is their advice on business, life, and success!

Oprah Sharing Her Advice and Secrets on Business and Success

Oprah always shares some great advice about love, success and also life. In one of her speeches, she said that the power we have is the power of service. Oprah said that success equals serving others. She also stated that in order to find your why and to achieve major success, you will need to find your why and your unique talents and put them to work. She said that we as people need to question “How can we be used?” or in this case ask yourself “How can I be used?” She also stated that there are 3 steps to self-discovery and success and those are:

STEP 1: Believe in the “why” behind whatever it is you do. You have to believe you’re doing something meaningful.

Step 2: Find your unique talents and invest your whole self “in service” of your goals. You shouldn’t feel like you could do your work mindlessly: You should be actively using your gifts.

Step 3: Prioritize self-care. If you put yourself last and burn out, you won’t have anything left for others, let alone the goals you’re striving to achieve.

According to Oprah, that’s her philosophy about success and how to achieve your wildest goals and aspirations.

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Grant Cardone’s Advice on Business and Success

If you don’t know who Grant is, he is a real estate investor, entrepreneur and internet influencer who built his wealth with real estate and his online endeavors. He is a real inspiration and motivation to a lot of entrepreneurs around the globe. He said that his number one rule in life, business and success is to show up. Show up every single day. Ever known someone who got lucky a lot? Do you know what they did? They showed up, Grant says.

What does that even mean, you must be wondering? It simply means doing things consistently every day of your life. Sometimes when you don’t want to go to the gym, you will go to the gym, sometimes when you don’t want to get up and chase your dreams, you will wake up and chase those dreams. Get out of bed and do something great, Grant says. Be inspired to work on your dreams every single day and you will make it, there is no doubt. You just can’t fail if you show up every single day and give it all you got.

Nothing will change if you don’t change. If you want that perfect life, go chase that dream, if you want that girl, pick up the phone and call her. If you don’t know how to sell, start researching and learning how to sell. Don’t worry, you will figure it out, you always figure it out.

You will never conquer what you don’t move towards.”

Doing The Things You Don’t Want

Be ready to do the things you don’t want to do. The truth is no matter how much you love your work, it’s still work. You will still have to do the things you don’t want to do. Most of us will do the things we don’t like in life and that’s okay. Sometimes if we are chasing money because we want that freedom, we chase money because of freedom, not because of the work that will take to get there. If you are currently working a 9 to 5 job you don’t like, that’s another thing you don’t like in life. The thing is most of us will always work on something we don’t like.

Despite Grant being the king of sales, he said that he actually hates selling. Grant just can’t wrap his head around sales and cold calls, but you know what? He is doing that anyways. He loves building businesses and he loves the process of doing everything it takes to build a business, that’s why he will always be successful. The moral of this story right here is, sometimes you will love your work and sometimes you will hate it, but no matter what, you will need to go and do it anyways.

You might not like posting on social media or building a brand, but you may like some other things like building a business and building systems that will allow you to create more cash flow. You need to learn how to fall in love with the things you hate because truth be told you can’t like everything you do.

Success is simple, once you accept how hard it is. Do your best every day, and don’t forget to 10x your life and business.

Grant Cardone advice on business and success in life.

Gary Vaynerchuk Advice on Business and Success

Gary Vaynerchuk is an investor, entrepreneur, influencer and CEO of Vayner Media which is a digital agency that helps brands with marketing and branding online. He is one of the most popular motivational speakers and entrepreneurs online alongside with Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, Lewis Howes and more. He always likes to share some amazing tips on work ethic, motivation, focus, and hustle.

His advice on business life and success is that there are no shortcuts to success. No matter what you do, where you want to go, you will have to work hard. If you want to make it, you will have to go beyond your 9 to 5 job. Always go that extra mile and always push harder. I always loved the process of building a business even when I had nothing, so be sure that you love the process, if you do love it, no matter what, you will continue doing it and of course you will fall in love with that same process, but don’t forget that success is hard and you got to give it all you got to make it. Work hard, find something you are passionate about and do that for the rest of your life.

Focus and Happiness

Focus on your hustle! Many people will spend countless hours debating how he or she became successful. To be honest it’s really simple. All you have to do is put your focus on the things your good at and passionate about. Making money is good and it should be a priority but first find something that you will love doing. Your way of making money doesn’t have to be real estate or social media or something flashy that anyone is doing. The truth is you can be making a decent income and be happy with it because you are actually doing something that you love. There is no need to chase a million dollars if you won’t be happy with it, and that’s something you need to understand.

I’ve seen people that are depressed working in a 9 to 5 and I’ve seen people that smile and that are happy working in a 9 to 5, says Gary. We all have different ways of viewing things and that’s the most important part. We are all different. If you have a talent, work more hours and apply that talent to your business and build a great business around it, it’s all about the hustle and trusting/loving the process.

Gary Vaynerchuk's advice on Business and success.

Mark Cuban’s Advice on Business and Success

Mark Cuban is an investor, entrepreneur and NBA team owner. He is a salesperson and also a billionaire. He learned a lot on his path to success. According to him, it’s not about the money or connections, it’s about putting in the work when everyone is sleeping, it’s a willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone in your field. He said that in order to win big you have to do the things other (average) people are not doing.

No shortcuts, says Cuban. You have to go for the long run. No one started a business in one day or even one month or a year. You need to keep progressing, learning and working. Cuban said that hard work is something you should consider doing while you’re building your business, but also consider implementing hard work with smart work. Bill Gates evidently never slept and never changed clothes, Cuban says.

One of the most important advice I can give you is to work hard. You may not have the skillset, you may not even be smarter than everyone else or even as talented. You may not have great connections or resources. But one thing is true if you hustle and if your work ethic is good you will be successful.

You can always outwork someone and you can always work harder to get to your desired destination or a goal. Mark Cuban committed to outworking and out learning everyone around him. You can do it too. He also said that you need to apply this principle to every aspect of your life whether it’s business, personal life, work or something else.

Mark Cuban quote and advice on business and success.

Elon Musk’s Advice on Business and Success

We all know that Elon Musk is a man of the future. Musk is an investor, entrepreneur, inventor, and visionary, he became successful after selling his well-known company called PayPal. Elon is also a CEO of Tesla and founder of “The Boring Company” and SpaceX. Musk is the overall serial entrepreneur and investor. Elon Musk is hugely successful in his field and he is expanding to other markets as well. He is worth over $12 Billion and still isn’t done. He is one of the entrepreneurs that really like to share advice on life, business and success.

Have a goal, says Musk. You can’t just go into the business world or life without a goal to chase. We all chase something, maybe it’s a girl, maybe it’s money, but at the end of the day if we don’t have a plan a written goal that we want to chase we will just chase our own procrastination. If you have a goal to “make a lot of money” or to “get that new job you wanted”, write it down and plan towards that. You can’t go wrong with planning your life and then executing it how you wanted. Have a goal and work towards that goal.

Feedback is also very important, says Musk. You want to get as much feedback as possibly can because at the end of the day entrepreneurship isn’t just about your ideas, you need to hear what other people say about those ideas. Constantly seek criticism because at the end of the day you need to know your progress and what you are doing wrong to improve that and be better the next day, next week or next month. It’s about progressing through your journey and that’s all there is.

Elon Musk sharing his advice on business and success.

Bill Gates Advice on Habits, Success, and Entrepreneurship

Bill Gates is one of the most popular entrepreneurs out there. He is a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, philanthropist, and humanitarian. Gates is best known for his role in creating one of the most popular computer system and software called Windows. He is also a founder of Microsoft Corporation.

Advice on Business, Habits and Valuable Lessons

I think habits are very important, says Gates. Most of the people don’t have their habits in place. I think a lot of entrepreneurs preach that you need to hustle 24/7 and that you don’t need sleep, but I can tell you that’s not true. We all know that sleep is very important. Instead of bragging how late I work, I make sure I get my dose of sleep because without sleep I can function well and that’s something I don’t want to avoid while I’m working and building my business and life in general.

One of the most valuable lessons you can learn from Bill Gates is how humble that guy is. He is very conservative with money and his spending. Gates also likes reading books and learning. He is really simple when it comes to his style of clothing.

Gates was a good student and he was raised in a family that valued education. He enrolled at Harvard at 17 but dropped out later on. He said that what he values the most is learning because learning matters more than school and school education. If you consistently learn about something you want to do, you will be better at it as time goes by. You will definitely learn more if you learn with passion and if you put your whole heart to it, says Gates.

“It’s unforunate that I didn’t get to stay there, but I don’t think I missed any knowledge, because whatever I needed to learn, I was still in a learning mode, says Gates.”

Bill Gates recommending best books that have advice on business and success.


We all have different paths when it comes to business, life, and success. And we can all take advice from others that already did it, we can learn from their failures instead of learning from our failures and we can apply something that they did in order to level up in life and business. We already knew that hard work is something everyone preaches but as you can see Mark Cuban said that he also preaches smart work combined with hard work. He also said that you constantly need to seek knowledge and learn in order to reach success.

Bill Gates also agreed on hard work but also on learning and the importance of learning. Oprah shared that in order to find success, you need to find your why and go with that. She also said that in order to become successful you will need to provide value to others and serve others. While Grant Cardone said that sometimes you will have to work on something that you don’t like, Gary said that you always have to follow your passion.

It’s different for everyone, but one thing we know for sure is that hard work part. You will definitely need to put in the work in life and business to succeed and to make it out there. It’s about finding your way and following your path.

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