Dropshipping in 2019?

Dropshipping is a really big part of the eCommerce world. Right now eCommerce is still new and Amazon is taking a big chunk of it. Will dropshipping still work for 2019? The short answer is Yes. We will discuss more about e-commerce and the future of drop shipping in this article.

Dropshipping will be even more successful in 2019 in my opinion. The typical AliExpress model is going to be outdated for sure, people don’t want to receive typical products for higher prices anymore. I personally think that branded ecommerce will be the best this year. Personal branding will also play a huge role in ecommerce world so take this advantage.

Dropshipping is definitely not an easy business to go in so don’t think it’s an easy way to make money. Guru’s don’t tell you the ups and downs and the failures of their business so don’t believe the hype. In ecommerce world and dropshipping world you must learn fundamentals of the business so don’t skip the learning process! Learning is done by failing and by going up and down in the business and by applying what works and leaving what doesn’t work.

As I already said drop shipping is not an easy business but it’s definitely worth it. Dropshipping in 2019 will not be saturated so start today! If you want to start with the business today you will need a couple things: Pick your niche, create a Shopify or a WordPress online shop, use your budget. You really need to know what you are getting into so I would recommend learning digital marketing and advertising such as Facebook advertising. Facebook is a really great way to promote your products and to target your targeted audience.