I was finishing up the homework one day in high school and since I was always about that online business life and money I started researching the web on how to make money online. That day was probably my life-changing the day and I didn’t even notice it. This is my story on how smartphone changed my life.

I was going home by bus and usually, the ride takes about 30 to 45 to my hometown. When I got on the bus I started reading more and more about how to make money and how to build a following and a brand online. I found Casey Adam’s podcast and he talked about the importance of branding and how to utilize that and leverage that so you can build a real business around it. I was amazed, and I’m not even kidding.

When I listened to the podcast I was taking a hot bath and I immediately jumped out of the bath and went straight to my computer and started my entrepreneurial journey. I came up with a name which was DriveForSuccess first and then I changed it to DriveTowardSuccess because DriveTowardsSuccess was already taken. So I knew I had to establish a real brand and focus on helping people through my content. I already knew a designer who could help me make a logo and I already had my whole vision and plan inside my brain. It was actually insane how I created a whole vision about the brand and I visualized myself in a couple of months with 100,000+ followers and that’s just the craziest part of my whole journey.

“Trust me, life can change in an instant, you choose where you want to be 6 months, 1 year or 2 years from now.”


I graduated in 2018. and I knew that college isn’t for me. I was just too stressed about it. But hey, I gave it a shot. Since my transition to college, I didn’t even touch my brand. I was partying and I was doing all the things opposite of what I wanted. I was drinking almost every week twice and I wasn’t happy with my progress at all. That’s when I just knew I needed a change, and this time I’m going all-in on my brand.

I created a better design, created a story around the brand and started. I started this brand from my dorm room where I slept with 2 more people (friends) from my high school. It was truly an experience. I think I learned a lot through that phase of life. Sometimes you got to go through that to learn something more.

I started building my brand in September of 2018. and those months were the hardest. I almost gave up on my dreams I got to admit. When that happens I usually go through it even if it’s so hard that I think I can’t do it. Every day that I went to classes and every day through college I thought about how can I possibly earn money through my brand and how to monetize it so I can help people but also earn money.

I Always Wanted More

I never thought about college and what I have to learn. It was just me… I always knew I don’t want to live an average life and I knew it was possible. Always knew that…

Also, I started focusing on my brand more and more, I didn’t attend classes and I started transitioning to my own path. For me, it was always in the head. You can see how smartphone changed my life and how it can change yours too! I always asked knew that I needed to be a creator instead of a consumer. Everyone told me I was crazy. I still remember leaving college behind me. It was hard to leave all those good people and all those experiences, but you got to do something now, you got to sacrifice something now so you can live life on your own terms later. It’s hard, but it’s worth it.

This sounds like selfishness a bit, and it is. Everyone should be selfish about their goals and life, it’s the only life you’ll live. I put everything on the line to create this brand and now it’s just a matter of time when I will scale that brand and create something more.

“Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.”


What I did is I created a dream in my head. I put my head down for a couple of months to work and get away from my friends, family and all the loved ones, so I can achieve something great. What really matters is the work you put in when no one is watching. If you really want to be an entrepreneur then you will see what happens when you work on your passion 24/7/365.

It’s truly amazing what can happen in a year. I know I said that multiple times through this article, but it’s the truth. Create something in the present that your future self will be proud of. If you are willing to learn something, you will always win. It’s all about the process, about the marathon, not the sprint.

I was running a sprint too many times and I just had to stop it. Everyone is trying to be first, everyone wants to make money fast, everyone is doing sprints when It’s all about the process and the path, the journey behind your passion. If you are running a marathon right now, I salute you. Keep running and one day, it will make a lot of sense. I hope you enjoyed this story about how a smartphone changed my life.