We all want to become wealthy at some point in our lives. A lot of people want it just because they see all the materialistic stuff that you can buy. It’s definitely motivating and inspiring for most people. Especially this kid who made the first million before 20. Yes, you’ve heard it right. But that’s not all, he created something that most of the people dream about. Iman Gadzhi is not famous, he is not a rapper, he is just a kid who came from nothing and made his first million to support his mom while he was just 18 years old.

His name is Iman Gadzhi. He is a British entrepreneur, who is best known as the CEO of IAG Media which is a social media marketing agency. Iman became popular a couple of years ago when he started uploading videos of his life (vlogs) to his youtube channel which is now at 100k subscribers. He dropped out of high school to pursue entrepreneurship full time. Iman focuses on delivering value to his clients through marketing services that his agency offers.

Iman Gadzhi in his apartment in London
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His first business

His first-ever business was to be a professional footballer (soccer player in Europe). He was passionate about soccer but he knew that he wasn’t good enough to start playing in bigger leagues. When he was 15 that dream slowly started to fade as he realized that he needed something more to support his mother at the time.

Iman knew that he needed something big, something that will drive him forward but also drive his family forward. At the age of 15 Iman started learning more about digital marketing and social media world. He created his first Instagram page called @fcukthenorm and he started buying, growing and selling accounts on Instagram. This business was a really popular business a couple of years back. After investing in a lot of accounts, Iman failed and managed to lose it all by investing in one account that failed and this was the time when he realized this is also not a good business for him.

Failure was not an option for Iman, ever. At that time most of the people would quit and actually go and work a normal job, but since Iman was just at the start of his life at only 15 years old he knew that he had a lot of time.

Iman Gadzhi first Instagram page
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His Second Business

Since Iman had a love for fitness and working out he started dabbling into fitness coaching. This is something that actually started working for him. He was inspired and earned his first $520 so he bought his first-ever Canon camera. The business was going good and it was time to invest so he invested in himself. Since he was so dedicated this business was something he was passionate about and he started earning more and more money on the side while also trying to learn new skills on the side as well.

Iman Gadzhi working on the laptop
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His Third Business & Success

While Iman was building his Instagram business and also playing semi-pro soccer he started to notice one thing that changed his whole life at that time. After some time he asked the owner of the club if he can manage their social media because he saw that it needed improvement. He already knew the ins and outs of social media, especially Instagram so he applied all the knowledge he knew in order to master this second business that would be his first success.

The owner agreed and Iman started managing their content on social media platforms. After the owner of the club asked him for a price, he didn’t know what to say so he created his first contract for $100 weekly fee which was his first $400 per month client. This was the time when Iman got more hope, he said: “It really didn’t matter if that first retainer was $1/pm or $400 p/m. It gave me the greatest gift I could have ever gotten at the time, hope.” This was obviously a turning point for him, his life and his business.

Iman in the gym
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Turning Point

Clearly there was something that pushed Iman forward. Maybe it was his drive and ambition or maybe it was god’s plan. Seven months passed and Iman didn’t get a single client. A lot of people would have given up at that point, but Iman didn’t. After his relentless drive and ambition, he landed his first meeting after seven months with a company called Aflete. Since Iman never knew what price to give them he sent over a proposal for $2500 p/m. The owner of the company said yes and Iman just could not believe what just happened. He was so happy and so inspired that day that he knew that this will be the turning point in his agency career.

After just two weeks, he signed his second client for $2000 p/m and then another for $740 p/m. Within the next 14 days, Iman went from $400 p/m to $5475 p/m while he was still in High School. This was a hope and the kick he needed in life at that time. His mom was struggling after his stepfather left them with almost nothing, he was struggling while creating his business and overall it was a mess.

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Dropping Out Of High School

Motivated and inspired to make the most of his business and his life he made a promise to himself that if he could get enough clients on a monthly retainer to cover his overheads plus rent, then he would drop out of school. And that’s exactly what happened. After signing Aflete and two more clients in the span of 14 days he had hit the number that he needed in order to drop out. After 2-3 weeks he showed up to his final school day. The anxiety and doubt was there, he started to feel that more than ever in his life. He knew that his mother sacrificed a lot to be here and to give him the education needed in order to find a good job and to earn money in his life but that wasn’t enough for Iman.

His First Official Business & More Success

Not long after dropping out, Iman landed more clients (ZebraFuel & FuroSystems). At this point he knew he was going somewhere and he was absolutely certain that this would work. But not long after that everything came crashing down. He started to lose some of his clients because he didn’t bring anything to the table. Of course, he did bring social media management to other businesses but there was no ROI (Return on investment) there. The next six months he started selling paid traffic services and he was focused on helping other businesses with Facebook advertising.

After spending a lot of hours learning and practicing the skill, he again failed miserably. As he was searching the internet he found the business called “Expedia”. This was a website made for booking a holiday. It became very clear to Iman that this type of business model is really efficient. Why? Because it was a business for connecting the customer with the service. They owned zero planes and zero hotels, but they did have an incredible revenue which was $10 billion that year.

That moment again everything clicked and changed for Iman. He started with a plan of running an agency without actually working full time with his clients and delivering results for them. So he started with hiring someone who can do that for him. The best thing was that he would take home the majority of the profits.

Playing chess
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The Start Of Something Great

As his agency and business grew he was also getting a lot of attention because he was documenting his journey on social media. One day a subscriber of his started asking questions about business and how he found his initial success. After some talking with his subscriber he asked him “How much would you charge for an hour?” and this was very new to Iman. Iman responded $200. That very same student, after only two hours of coaching, signed his first client for $2000 p/m. This was another point in Iman’s career that he knew he was on the right path.

The business was growing, his mom was the happiest person out there and he was satisfied with everything he did to achieve that. After so many questions about the agency he created his first program that would potentially change the agency game and totally transformed his life and also the life of his students. On February st 2018 he launched Six Figure SMMA, a course that would change a lot for him. The course was listed at $997 and after a couple of months he had over 1,100 customers. This was the point where he actually became a millionaire at the age of 18. Inspired for more he set his goals high. Iman made a commitment that he would use his experience and talent to build and revolutionize education through e-learning, which he did.

Iman talking to another person
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Never quit on your dreams, never. Iman went through thick and thin with his business and personal life. He just could not resist the urge of becoming successful. He was persistent & patient. His work ethic can inspire and motivate millions around the world because if he did it, you can do it too. Remember that everything in this life is a product of your work whatever that work is, make sure you are getting the most out of it and that you enjoy it.

If you want to learn more about Iman and his company make sure to check his website links down below. He built a brand new course about building a lean and profitable social media marketing agency: https://growyouragency.com/

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