How to earn money with Instagram?

When it comes to earning money on Instagram you have a variety of options. You can sell your own products, do promotions, brand deals, sponsored posts, sell digital or non-digital products and you can have a website or a blog, with Instagram it’s easier then ever to earn money and to start your online venture and business today!

Building a following on Instagram

Instagram is all about attention. If you have a following and if your brand means something and if you provide your audience with value packed content you will win, it’s so simple but yet so many people fail here. Content is the king as Gary Vaynerchuk would say. So focus more on the content, I would prefer 3 to 5 posts per day, 3 works very good and try to bring as much value as you can. Something that plays also a big role is “looking professional”, if your profile looks like a brand for example like Nike, Adidas or Apple people will get hooked but also they will trust you more if you are a person behind that brand, so keep that in mind.

Engagement groups will play also a huge role in your success on Instagram. You can DM some of the bigger or smaller pages in your niche and ask them if they can add you to one of their engagement groups. Engagement groups are basically groups where you post your photo and all will comment and you do the same for everyone who commented on your photo, it’s simple and easy way to end up on explore page and to grow your following massively. If you haven’t checked my Instagram Secrets ebook, check it out for sure, it’s packed with valuable content and information

Creating a visual look

Best way to hook your audience is to have a visual look for your posts and your page so keep it neat and professional. Have a good looking bio like on my page or you can also add some emojis to spice it up and to look more neat. I like how I structured mine so you can definitely play around with that. Have a good looking logo (you can get one on the fiverr for $5 to $10) and you are good to go.

As you can see my content is visually appealing and attractive (don’t mean to be cocky or anything) but being confident about your work and content will go a long way! Have your style and don’t copy others that will skyrocket your following for sure. Also have 50% text and 50% icons or graphic photos! That’s about it! I wish you all the best with growing your following and success on Instagram!