Getting clients for your social media marketing agency

Sports cars, superyachts, retired by the age of 30 and traveling around the world. Who wouldn’t want to have financial independence? To attain this dream, becoming an entrepreneur and running your own business is most likely the best choice. You probably know that being an entrepreneur requires time and effort to learn skills. These skills could be social media marketing, copywriting, or even user interface designing. A wide variety of options are available for you to learn by way of the Internet. In this article, we will show you exactly step by step how to get clients for your social media marketing agency.

Social Media Marketing Agency” is one of the most popular skills from that list. Social media marketing is getting more popular and more people are jumping into this market. More often these digital marketers get bogged down by one situation. They have the skills to do social media marketing, but there is no one to sell to.

Exactly, no place to sell. Seeing thousands of businesses out there but having no clue how to start is always a problem. All of your precious skills and hard work would go in vain if you have no clients. If you are currently struggling with this issue, you are in the right place. We are ready to show you how to get clients for your social media marketing agency in 2019. 

Importance of Strategy

Before going down any further details of the sales technique, please allow us to point out the importance of having a “strategy”. A lot of the times people don’t know how to find clients and they are doing a lot of mistakes. That’s why most people don’t find success in this field. The thing is social media marketing agency can’t work without clients, so the most important thing to do is find clients that will pay you monthly retainers. Trying to sign clients without any preparation would be running like a headless chicken owing to the fact that you will never be able to perceive in which way you are more likely to get the contract signed by clients.

It’s very important to have a strategy in place. Now would be the perfect time to show you what kind of strategy you should have in mind. The strategy of finding clients which we are demonstrating in this blog will be divided into four phases. These four phases are Networking, Searching, Meeting, and Closing. We will also mention a popular selling technique taught by a successful salesperson in the later paragraph.

How to get clients for you social media marketing agency (strategy)
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As a freelancer who has just started a social media marketing agency, networking is the best step to start. But sometimes, this step can be incredibly difficult. Most of these difficulties have resulted from various reasons. Most of the times, these difficulties are caused by a lack of networking knowledge. And some may be struggling with finding a platform to expand their network. And also there is a problem that people are usually too timid to go to networking events.

Networking is a really popular way of expanding your existing contact. Through your business journey, networking will play a key role in your success. By networking, you will acquire other professionals’ experiences and wisdom which you can then apply to your own business.

Courses, promotion events or even clients are the most valuable assets in the market of social media marketing. By properly networking and interacting with other professionals, loads of opportunities will be right under to your nose. It is impossible for your business not to thrive if you could seize these opportunities. Your business is never going to thrive if you fail to properly network with other professionals. In order to expand your connections, you will need to get out of your comfort zone.

We also attached a video were Afzal Hussein shares his secrets of networking. He was originally a front office trader in Goldman Sachs. In order to work in investment banks, one of the skills that is needed is networking. Afzal Hussein is now teaching graduates how to become an investment banker. In this video, he has explained the way which professionals network with other business owners.

How to get clients for you social media marketing agency with networking

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Searching For Clients

Searching for a potential client is an easy task, but only if you know how to do it. There are two platforms on the Internet that will help you with finding clients. On these platforms, you can find clients that are suited for your niche. One of the best platforms to go to is Facebook. If you are in an e-commerce niche, you can start helping e-commerce clients. Go to the group’s section on Facebook and search for “e-commerce groups”. The same thing goes with LinkedIn. You can find a lot of business owners on LinkedIn and Facebook. These are the two main platforms for finding new clients.

As for Google, there is no doubt that it is the most popular search engine in the world. Google represents a tremendous success in terms of the market share of a search engine. Business Insider also suggests that 3.5 billion searches are being processed on Google per day. The way you search for potential clients is fairly straightforward. Type in a niche “e.g. restaurant” and location “e.g. Los Angeles”. Google will sort you a list of businesses and you can contact them via email.

One of the biggest obstacles that beginners in social media marketing have is choosing big businesses as the starting point. The logic entails that these mega businesses normally have huge store chains and branches. If you sign these type of client you may have a higher monthly retain. However, the truth is that the rate of closing a deal with these conglomerates is considerably lower than small businesses. Although this may seem impossible it’s far from the truth. You can always sign every deal that you feel comfortable with.

Singing clients for your social media marketing agency

Meeting With Potential Clients

Once you have successfully found a potential client, the next thing you should do is to set up a meeting. You may be wondering “is a meeting necessary?”. In all honesty, having a meeting with your potential clients is a must if you want to get a client. Do bear in mind that talking is considerably more effective than emailing or any other kinds of communication methods. Seeing your potential clients face to face to show them what you have to offer is an important step. Especially if you want them to sign a contract with you. Once you approach the client you can ask him if he wants to hop on a quick call. Once you have him on the call, don’t sell at first. Explain to them your services and how you can benefit their business and give them more clients.

Cold calling is one of the oldest and most common forms of marketing for a salesperson. It involves ringing individuals who have not shown any interest in the offered service or product previously. It may seem easy but many experienced salespeople suggest that cold calling can be intense for a beginner. Market research depicts that only 12% of the cold call will successfully intrigue the interest of customers.

Cold calling is still one of the most popular ways that businesses get clients. It is also the only form which you will have the responses from potential clients without any delay. The business that you are running will be booming once you have a good command on cold calling. If you wish to enhance your skill in cold calling, the recommended way is to be familiar with your scripts. If you don’t like cold calling, you can always outsource that part to someone else.


Psychology and Mindset Behind The Meeting

While presenting your service, you are not only acting like a salesperson. You are also a mentor. In most cases, you will have to explain to them why your service is the best. And how you can help them. Therefore you can share your knowledge by telling them a brief introduction to social media marketing. Why should they do social media marketing to increase their social awareness. What are the benefits of hiring digital marketer (which could be you) to market their business on social media?

People tend to buy things that they understand. So when you are in the meeting, be sure to focus on explaining as much as you can. Explain about your service and how you can benefit their business. Your potential clients need to know the process of marketing and so you can explain that exact process. Once they have at least a little bit of understanding they will sign the contract with you.

Try showing them some testimonials of your other clients. If you don’t have testimonials use yourself as an example. You can also work for free for a business in order to get that testimonial. You can get a lot of free testimonials if you are willing to work for free a few times. That will help you in order to get more customers and clients later.

How to get clients for your social media marketing agency in 2019

Selling Technique

After you sell once, you will do it repeatedly. In that whole process, you will learn what’s the best approach to selling. One way to sell is to sell with a strategy. The strategy that became popular is called a “straight line persuasion”. This strategy came from the book “Way of Wolf” by Jordan Belfort. If you watched the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” you probably know who Jordan Belfort really is. After his frauds and prison time, he started a new life teaching others how to sell through his books.

So, what does this “The Straight-Line Persuasion” actually involves? Influence, persuasion, and sales are the 3 essential components of this technique. Influence is about appealing people to pay their attention to your service or product. Persuasion is actually showing other people the product and the benefits. Selling the product is the last component of “The Straight-Line Persuasion”. If they already love the product or service, they will buy it no matter what. But also ask questions and let clients answer those questions in order to close the sale.

Above all, getting more clients to sign the contract isn’t that difficult since there are loads of resources available on the internet. Surely there are people still procrastinating or hesitating after seeing this blog. For those of you who are deeply inspired by this article and are about to take actions, what we would like to say to you is that intractable may it seem, the triumph will definitely come down to you if you manage to keep rolling and hustling. Best of luck for all of your future endeavors! 

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