We live in a world full of opportunities and most of the time we don’t take advantage on those opportunities. One of the probably biggest opportunities there is right now is social media marketing agency business model. Social media has been the main medium for over a decade right now with Facebook coming in 2004, YouTube in 2005 and Instagram in 2010. We all already know how people are using platforms for making money, but most of the people don’t know how to make money or they just don’t know how to get new clients through the internet. Today you will see how to start a profitable social media marketing agency in 2019 with no money upfront.

The social media marketing agency is a business model that helps with just that. It’s a business that focuses on helping other businesses (local or online) make more money through acquiring new clients for those businesses. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. Right now is the best time to start your own digital agency with your own set of skills. It could be a social media marketing agency (if you know how to grow social media platforms), it could be a graphic design agency (if you know how to create graphics and visual elements).

Social Media Marketing Agency Infographics

List of marketing/digital agencies that you can establish (there are many more agencies and variations on digital agency that I can’t list all, but most of these agency models are popular):

  • Social media marketing agency
  • Graphic design agency
  • Web design agency
  • SEO digital agency
  • Marketing agency
  • Direct Marketing agency

Starting a Social Media Marketing Agency in 2019

In 2019 you can start an agency for almost no upfront cost. Actually I started mine from the comfort of my home with $0. It’s crazy, isn’t it? You must be wondering how to actually start your new social media marketing agency. Let me explain everything that you need to have in order to create an awesome social media marketing agency with almost no upfront cost or no cost at all.

First thing that you need while building a social media marketing agency is to actually have an in demand skill. What kind of skills do you need? Well some of the skills are digital marketing, search engine optimization, getting leads for businesses etc. For example if you are getting leads for your clients, you can do that by creating a facebook advertising campaign that would get more leads to your clients business.

So in order to create an agency, you would have to learn some of these skills. Today you can learn a lot of these skills for totally free online. You can learn through YouTube, Udemy or Skillshare. Most of these skills require practical knowledge, not just basic knowledge. So in order to master those skills, you will need to practice them, it’s really not that hard once you get used to it and focus on one main skill at the time, that will make sure you will get the best results and that you will be the expert in that one skill.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the best platform for creating advertising campaigns and for the marketing side of any business. Some people are making $30,000 just from this skill alone. For example, Iman Gadzhi is a digital agency owner and he is making around $40,000 per month right now and what he basically does is he is helping other businesses grow and get more clients through his Facebook marketing and digital marketing skills.

Facebook marketing is really a good way to grow any online business. A lot of e-commerce business owners know that marketing is the only way for getting new customers to their stores. Of course there are also marketing platforms like adwords, pinterest ads, twitter ads, but they are not as powerful as Facebook and their marketing platform that is changing rapidly. They are always bringing changes and they are always trying to improve their platform. This is by far the best platform for advertising in my opinion.

Where could you possibly learn this skill? Well, this skill can be learned online for free, but actually applying this skill may cost some money as money is the key in advertising and digital marketing, you got to spend some money in order to test ads and ad campaigns. But for those of you who want to learn more here is a free Facebook course on facebook ads.

Check out this free Facebook course for facebook marketing

Social media marketing with Facebook ads

Search Engine Optimization Expert

SEO or search engine optimization is a skill that most successful bloggers have. When you start with blogging or any other business that is online, keywords will play a big role in that business. For example, if you are on YouTube trying to rank your videos high, you will need to use tags, description, and video title to rank your video high up on the search.

This is called SEO. Search engine optimization is all around the internet. Most of the bloggers use this to rank their articles high in the google search and to make sure people are coming to their blog. Again SEO like Facebook marketing is a skill you can learn online, but it needs to be applied to make sure you learn and master this skill. It’s really hard at the beginning but once you know everything about keywords, ranking, what kind of keywords rank and what kind of keywords are bad for your blog or YouTube, you will start seeing results.

Usually, when you search for something you will click at first or second website, that’s what SEO is doing for those websites. Basically, when you know how to rank your website, you will always be first on the search engine. Since Google is the number one search engine, you got to play by their rules and actually put in the work to learn SEO and rank at first few spots with your website.

Because when someone else googles, for example, this article: “How to start social media marketing agency in 2019 with no money” I want my article to rank in first three articles on the first page of google. That’s the intent of SEO and learning SEO so you can rank higher than usual. You can do the same for your clients too if a client is not satisfied with their website and their search engine results you can put your skill to work and apply it to your client’s website and earn money from it.

Social media marketing with search engine optimization (SEO)


A lot of people don’t know about copywriting. Copywriting is very popular in digital marketing space especially today where marketing and actually writing ad copies is the most important thing to do to make a sale. Copywriting revolves around writing a text for your advertising campaigns and ads. This skill is very valuable because once you learn it, you can apply it to anything that’s about selling online.

In order to master the art of copywriting and selling through copywriting you need to learn human psychology behind buying decisions.

Copywriters are needed in a lot of digital marketing job positions as they can bring in more leads and more sales with their skills. This is a highly valuable skill to have. Knowing what people search for and knowing what to write down to make them buy a certain product is just a really good skill to have, especially if you have your own products that you want to launch and also if you have an online business.

There are many things that Copywriters do and some of them are:

  • They write blog articles
  • Writing for advertising campaigns
  • Writing for TV scripts for commercials
  • They work with Google ads
  • They work with Facebook ads
  • Writing scripts for selling
  • Descriptions and scripts for press releases
  • Brochures for B2B sales
  • Brochures for B2C sales

This is just a view of what copywriters actually do. They can do a lot for the company and sales aspect of the company. A lot of copywriters have their own business because with that kind of skills they can easily get sales for their business. That’s why this is the perfect skill for your digital agency. If you combine copywriting with Facebook ads you could establish an agency around that. And sign new clients to get paid on a retainer basis.

Don’t confuse copywriter with a content writer. The content writer uses storytelling to bring more people in through content. And copywriter leads to more sales with his scripts and uses emotional aspect to make more sales.

Social media marketing with copywriting

Starting your copywriting journey will be hard, but don’t get discouraged. You can create something awesome and everyone starts from somewhere, remember that. There are few ways how to start your copywriting journey and some of them are:

  • Being a copywriter for an agency
  • Freelancing as a copywriter
  • Being a corporate copywriter

There is nothing more enjoyable than working for yourself and actually building a business these days.


Social Media Expert

Social media has been here for the last decade. We all know that having more followers gives us more reputation in the online world. A lot of companies lack the ability to grow more followers and actually monetize those followers. And also get more clients through followers and just overall improve their online presence with their local business. If you are an online business it’s easier for you because you maybe already know how to grow your following. So most of the businesses will go and buy fake followers or just ignore the social media aspect of it.

Some of the most valuable tips we can give to someone who wants to grow their social media on any platform is to actually care about your followers. Treat them like they are your clients, and you will always win. This is one of the most important skills in the digital world. So many people are making money and helping other businesses to acquire more clients and more followers through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter as well. If you want to grow an agency around social media growth and growing other pages you need to know these things:

  • Optimize your social media page for business
  • Create amazing content for your niche
  • Bring value to the table with every post
  • Don’t promote yourself until you have enough followers
  • Spamming and spam commenting, liking will not get you followers
  • Create a product around value and promote that
  • Care about your followers because they can be your clients
The world of social media marketing infographics

How to actually learn something like social media growth? It’s actually very simple. Again something like that can be learned online for free. But if you want to put some extra effort into it you can learn that by paying for a course that will teach you more about it. Going out and actually trying to grow Instagram or any other platform will help you master that same platform. If you want to do something like a social media marketing agency, you can easily learn that online and also learn that by applying what you learned.


How to Start Your Own Agency

Keep in mind when starting your own agency you got to have some things in place. Having a clear vision where you want to go and how to do it is really vital in order to create a real digital agency that will eventually help other businesses.

Let me clarify that you can start your agency very fast by just knowing the skill. So for example, if you know how to do facebook marketing, you could be direct messaging people on Instagram or cold calling other businesses and business owners to establish more leads for your potential clients. First thing you will need to do before cold calling or messaging anyone is picking a niche, some of the best and most profitable niches are:

  • Surgeons
  • Dentists
  • Fitness/Gyms (Weight loss)
  • Attorneys
  • Real Estate
  • E-Commerce (Making money online)

I would suggest before picking your niche, ask yourself what exactly are you passionate about? Maybe you could build a business around that? For example if you are regularly going to the gym maybe gym and fitness niche is the best for you, just because you like doing that, and then if you like doing that your process of learning about advertising for gyms will be more enjoyable to actually go and earn money from it.

Also, stick to one niche at the time, don’t overcomplicate the process. Focusing on one thing is key. If you start with e-commerce then e-commerce will be your niche and sticking with that niche is the key. While most of the people go around and try this and that, you got to stick to one thing that works for you or maybe doesn’t work for you, but you need to learn it and stick with that.

Once you know what you will be doing, it’s best for you to create a social media page or a website where people can easily contact you. Keep in mind the first couple of months you will not see people coming to your website, you will have to do that by yourself. You will have to get clients and close them on the spot. Now how can you go from being a normal person working a 9 to 5 job to actually selling your services worldwide online? Well, it’s easier than you think. Once you have everything that you need (website, social media page, etc.) you can now go to the most important part and that is actually getting clients.)

Start Getting Clients

Now, this strategy I will give you is from Iman Gadzhi’s free SMMA training that you can find here. This is a really interesting way of getting your clients and it’s one of the most efficient ways I’ve seen. It’s a simple and easy way of acquiring new customers and clients for your digital agency.

Step 1: Finding Clients

Start your search on Facebook. Find a handful of groups on Facebook that contain your perfect niche. For example, here are some good groups I found when I looked up ‘Real Estate Agents’ on Facebook:

Join 8-10 of these groups, you’ll probably have to answer some questions and wait to
get accepted into some of these groups.

Step 2: Finding Leads

Now you have to find the perfect potential clients within this group. Find who the owners is by looking for it in their title.

Use this little hack here:

Go to the member’s section of a group.

Scroll all the way down so you have the entire list members in the group.

Press CMD + F (Mac, Chrome) and type in ‘Owner’ if you’re looking for the owner of a restaurant, gym, dental practice, etc.

You can type in ‘Personal trainer’ if you’re just looking to find the personal trainers in a gym group, type ‘Realtor’ or ‘Real Estate Agent’ to find a list of exclusively just the realtors.

Step 3: Send Friend Requests

Wait until you’ve sent 100 friend requests minimum. While you’re sending requests, you’ll also start receiving friend requests from other people in the niche you’re targeting (Real estate agents for example) because you’ll have mutual friends together.

Step 4: Post Audit Offer

Key things to remember:

  • Post this template at a time your potential clients are likely to see it for example 5-9pm when they’re off work.
  • Make sure you use a GIF or a photo as this will have higher engagement than just text.
  • Reply to every single comment with something like – ‘Great, I’ll personally message you your Audit in the next 24 hours’. This will keep your post high in the news feed.

Once you find your perfect client’s and sent them your friend request you can start sending them a personalized messages. Send a lot of messages and you will get a few clients that will respond and actually try to contact you back.


Are you a {niche}? You might want to stop scrolling.

I’ve been head down learning from the best of the best on how to get more {customers/leads} for {niche}.

It’s been very disheartening to see how much money most {niche} owners leave on the table.

I can guarantee that YOU are leaving a minimum of $5,000 a month on the table by not doing {service}.

So I’d like to give you a free 15-minute audit of your current strategy from a bird’s eye view. Completely free. On me!

I need no commitment from you, just type ‘I’m Interested!’ and I’ll send you a PM with your free personalized audit video.

(P.S – If you know anyone who is a {niche} owner, tag them! They’ll thank you later)

Example (down):

Step 5: Create the Audit

Now it’s time to create the free audit for your potential client. First things first, you want to download Loom. This is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to record and send videos QUICK. Awesome tool, definitely recommend.

Once you’ve downloaded that, here’s what you do:

  • Pull up their website & socials. Just talk briefly about that.
  • Mention what service you help businesses with and why it’s the best way to get customers
  • Find their competitors and show them why their competitors are gaining an edge by implementing the service you’re trying to offer them.
  • The cost of NOT doing this – Type out in a Google Doc the cost of not doing this to the business owner.
  • How you can help – In the Google Doc outline exactly how you could help this business.
  • Scratching the surface – Tell them that you respect their time so you didn’t want to make the audit too long and you’d like to go over more in the meeting.
  • Offer the next step – Offer them a link to your scheduler (Acuity, Calendly, Etc) or just ask them when they’d be available for a quick meeting to plug a hole in this leaky side of their business


If this sounds a little confusing and you can’t picture what it looks like, I’ve made a couple of examples below that you can access different services.

Key things to remember:

  • Make sure you add your scheduling link at the bottom of the message you send them on Facebook. If you don’t have a scheduler, just ask what time works for them.
  • With Loom you’ll get a notification if they see it. If they see it and don’t respond within 48 hours, follow up!

Step 6: Meeting

Now it’s time for the meeting. If they’ve agreed to the meeting then they already know what you offer, what the cost is if they DON’T do it and also that the intention of the call is for them to become a client.

Key Things to Remember:

  • Host the call on Zoom or Skype and make sure you record the call so that if any other decision maker is involved you can send them the call recording straight after the call.
  • If they’re on the call then you’ve 90% closed them so make sure you go in with an abundant mindset and remember that they need YOU!

Three Key Phases

  1. What’s your current digital marketing strategy?

This is actually a dummy question. We don’t care if they have a digital marketing strategy and we’re not going to create one for them either.

This is like when you get asked what your current life insurance plan looks like. It makes you think you need one when before you didn’t think about it.

This question is mainly just to throw off potential clients. It makes them realize they don’t have a plan and 90% of the time the response you’re gonna get is ‘We don’t have one’. This opens the floodgates and shows them that they don’t have their business in order.

2. What’s your current monthly revenue & where would you like to get to in 12 months?

This question allows you to vet the client and see if their business could even afford your services.

This question also gets them to future pace and imagine what life could be like 12 months from now. It gives them hope and belief.

Some business owners might say they’re not comfortable telling you their revenue. Just tell them that when you work with a doctor they need to know the current situation to help you get to the desired situation. Same thing with a personal trainer or a tax advisor. If they still refuse to tell you (not likely), just end the meeting.

3. So you’d like to get to [$/pm]…

Would you agree you’re going to have to do something different to what you’re doing now?

So in order to make more money, you will need more leads/customers?

Do you agree that {your service} is the way to do this? Would you like me to help you do this?

Wait until they say ‘yes’ and then move onto the next phase:

Now, because you’re my first client… I want to make sure this is a no brainer for you. I have 100% confidence in what I’m selling and my ability to drive results.

That said, I want to give you an entire $2,000 (example) off on your monthly fee. My next client will be paying the full $4,000/pm fee. Shall we get started?

Why This Method Works

This method works because it’s very easy to contact business owners all around the world. Iman’s method is a really good method of getting new clients and keeping them for the better. If you want to be serious about your business you will need to work your way up that, but keep in mind once you have that one meeting, you are 90% on closing your deal.

Iman’s results are just incredible. He is making almost $50,000 per month with his social media marketing agency and he is doing all that with almost no employee’s and working almost couple hours per day ensuring that his business is working 100%. He is an exceptional guy and he is only 19 years old, which is crazy to think about it. His method works every time, that’s why this is probably the easiest and simplest way of closing new clients for your agency.

Setting up The Contracts for The Client

You have everything that you need to have. You picked your niche, you picked your service (e.g. digital marketing) and you got the client. Since your client will probably go with your service and with your agency you will need to offer him a deal. That deal most of the times is offered through contracts. Now when we say contacts we don’t mean anything scary. Every agency needs to have their contracts when signing new clients.

Basically when both you and your client are ready, your client signs a deal (contract) with you and affirms that you will be giving his business some kind of service in exchange for the monthly fee (e.g. $1000/pm) and since you have your documents/contracts already prepared, you look far more professional and that way they know that they are dealing with professional digital agency and not some kid from the block. This ensures you have a good and healthy relationship with your clients and ensures that you will get the job done and that they (your client) will respect your contract.


So you have everything ready to do business. You already have your own niche, you have your service and you have both client and contracts ready. Now once you have all of these ready to go, you will need to actually set up your payment getaways/processors. For the first couple of months, you can work without a company, but once your business starts to get more and more revenue, you will need to create an LLC or some kind of company or legal entity in your country (for every country is different, do the research on your country).

Payment Processors

One of the most popular payment processors are Stripe and PayPal. Since some of the countries don’t support both Stripe and PayPal, you will need to find a suitable payment getaway or processor for your business. For the first few transactions, you can use your bank account (wire the money) and then you can actually start using payment processor. PayPal is probably the most popular payment processor and it can be used in almost 90% of the cases. Stripe is the most popular payment getaway in the USA, so if you are USA citizen you can use Stripe for your payments. You will definitely need to make a research on that because it depends on how it works in your country.

This is basically everything that you need to know about the digital agency, before I end the vlog on that note, here is the video explaining even more how to get clients, and how to actually start your own agency in 2019/20 even without skills.


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