Austin Varley is a serial entrepreneur and digital marketing expert whose base of operations is located in Tempe, Arizona. 

Two years ago, Austin launched his first marketing agency called Social Media Leads; they covered everything from Search Engine Optimization and Paid Advertising to social media management and website design.

Austin did remarkably well scaling the agency, but when he hit six-figures, he couldn’t systemize things, and it led to chaos. Eventually, Austin closed down Social Media Leads and started work on creating a new agency. 

He set out to create an agency that specializes in growing memberships for fitness studios. Austin appropriately named his new firm FitClub Advertising, and within six months, he scaled it to six-figures.

Currently, Austin has systems in place, ensuring that the path is clear for a seven-figure status this year. Recently, Austin and I discussed how he was able to get back on his feet and create an agency that’s well on its way to hitting seven-figures.

Overcoming Challenges

Austin recalls that he faced a lot of challenges. The most common being sales. As an entrepreneur, have you ever asked yourself these questions; 

How can I get more customers? How do I get more sales? How would my life be if I had “X” amount of sales?

Well, Austin shares that he went through this too. He explains that sales are the lifeblood of a business, and a lot of new entrepreneurs avoid it. They prefer to do the “busy work” instead of the “uncomfortable work” required to grow a business.

He further explains that at some point in his business, he needed more clients. So he decided to put together a “sales ritual.”  This ritual comprised the Action Steps required for him to generate a steady sales stream.

Immediately, Austin took action; 


He figured out how many new clients he needed in order to hit his goals, how many appointments he would have to take to get one sale, and what the most effective way to book appointments was.

Austin working on his laptop

Once he figured out the numbers, he created his sales ritual. He gives an illustration below;

Hey guys, Austin here; For easy numbers, let’s say I need four clients so i could make an additional $6,000 a month in revenue, and it would take me four appointments to close a client, that would mean I would need to take sixteen appointments to close four clients. 

But what if half of those clients don’t show up for the appointment that would mean I would have to take thirty-two appointments to close four clients. 

Now cold calling was my sales ritual, and I know if I made one-hundred sales calls, on average, I could book three appointments. So four clients equal thirty-two appointments, which in turn means I would have to make 1000 sales calls. I executed immediately and started making a minimum of a hundred sales calls a day. Immediately, I was booked up. This is how I crushed it in sales.

Entrepreneurial traits

If you hang out with Austin for a day or two, you’ll notice two things about him; his incredible work ethic and his relentless attitude. He believes that these traits are what brought him great success in business. 

Austin shared a little story about his life before a digital marketer. He was once in the network marketing field but  couldn’t get the business model up and running. He made a lot of sales but in that network marketing, it’s the duplication that brings in profits.

However, he didn’t let the failures he experienced as a network marketer bring down his spirit. 

Every single time, Austin got back up and kept pushing towards his goals. His goals are noble; he became an entrepreneur to help people live a life that they love and help preserve the earth.

“I wake up at 4 am and work until 10 pm every single day. I fail a lot; however, I stay relentless, confident, and I keep pushing forward. As an entrepreneur, you have to possess a good work ethic. Be able to handle rejection/failure, stay consistent, and be persistent.” – Austin says.

Achieving Success

Austin has been in the digital marketing industry for two and a half years. He created his first agency Social Media Leads in July 2017 and closed it down in May 2019. Thereafter, in June 2019, he created FitClub Advertising.

His most significant achievements are well over the average. So far, he’s spent over $100,000 on paid ads, generated over $2 million of revenue for his clients, and has scaled his agency to six- figures. 

Austin explains that a lot goes into building a successful business and he’s listed some tips to help you along the way;

Sell Your Vision

The first would be to sell yourself on your vision. You have to fully commit and sell yourself on what you want to accomplish. Reasons come first, results come in second. Figure out your ” Why,” your Vision, and sell yourself on that vision. 

Self-Development Is Key

The second thing is personal development. Austin explains that in the 21st century, personal development comes in a lot of formats. There are books to read, podcasts to listen to, motivational content on YouTube, online courses, etc. He also warns that you should be aware of what and who is influencing you.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

The next tip would be to stop comparing yourself to others and stop worrying about the opinion of others. If you worry about what others think of you, you will forever limit yourself and let them win. And at any stage you are in, don’t compare yourself to anyone besides the person you were yesterday. 

Find a mentor

The fourth tip would be to find a mentor. Mentors are people who guide you on your journey to success. But what happens if you can’t find a mentor?  Austin recommends you figure out a game plan and do exactly what is needed to move the vehicle forward. 

A lot of things are going to feel uncomfortable at first, but that’s totally okay; this simply means you’re growing. Start by surrounding yourself with successful people or people who are striving for success. Remember, your circle of influence is vital!

Enjoy The Process

Finally, don’t forget to have fun and live in the moment, sometimes us entrepreneurs worry ourselves with things we want to see happen in the next decade that we forget to focus on today and have fun. Austin strongly recommends you live a happy life and take a break for a while if you find it too overwhelming.

Drawing Inspiration

Austin shares that his most significant source of inspiration is his family, all of the people that rely on him and the current state of the world’s climate. Helping the people that he holds dearly through the difficulties they are going through is what pushes him to excel.

And one of Austin’s long-time vision is to help save the world from the ongoing climate crisis it’s facing. There’s a lot of news circulating about the poverty levels rising, ice caps melting, plastic in the ocean, and rainforests setting ablaze. Austin plans to use the resources he’s garnered as an entrepreneur to help stop this and make the world a better place.