Who Is Niklas Pedde?

Niklas Pedde is an entrepreneur who is currently living in Dubai after creating multiple businesses with Instagram and scaling them to 6 figures online. He created Instagram University program which is one of the best programs for Instagram marketing and earning money with Instagram. He created that course for only $7 per month which is a really low price since a lot of courses out there are priced at $997. He wanted to create the most affordable way to learn and this is why Instagram University is the best program for those who want to start. Instagram University has everything you need to actually start your business on Instagram. It has an insane value and you can literally get it for the price of Netflix subscription and yes, it's insane!

Instagram University 2.0

$ 7$ 997 /mo
Instagram University 2.0 is an educational program for people who want to learn Instagram and generating 4-6 figure income per year.
  • Learn How To Earn 4-6 Figures From Instagram
  • Learn How To Grow On Instagram
  • Learn How To Create a Following Online
  • Start Passive Income Source
  • Create an Instagram Business
  • Value of $997 For Only $7
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