Instagram is a great platform for creating your next online business. Potential of Instagram is really big and 2019 should be the biggest year for Instagram. This is the biggest opportunity of our lifetime! You can cash in on your ambition and on your dreams. As you can see my page DriveTowardSuccess started back in November 2018 and right now we are at almost 50,000 followers which is insane to think about it. Today we will show you how to find success on Instagram in 2019!

Instagram has the potential to change your life and the way you are thinking about everything. Since I launched my page I’m more into the business side on Instagram so today I will show you why Instagram is the best way to succeed online in 2019! As I said on the beginning we are living in the best age and if you want to succeed, put in the work, work smart and hard and you will see success.

The way Instagram algorithm works is like this…

How to Grow on Instagram?

If you want to have a good quality growth and grow about +500 to + 1000 followers per day you need to have a quality content (Recommended: 3 posts per day, you can also do 5 if you have more time). Good profile avatar and bio are mandatory for optimal IG growth. Professional look is what you need to aim for.

Next we are coming to the growth section. Growing an Instagram is an easy task. You need to find engagement groups. Engagement groups are groups where you post your content and other people post theirs when they upload. The way this works is when someone comments on your post, your post will get a higher engagement and Instagram will boost it to the explore page. When you are on the explore page, Instagram will just recommend your page over and over again! That is basically how you can grow your page too! It’s simple but not easy!

If you want to know more about IG growth I made an ebook that will help you grow your account from nothing to over 50,000 followers in just couple of months! That’s our short article on how to find success on Instagram in 2019.